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The Features You'll Love

We think BoostMySale is awesome, but don’t take our word for it. Have a look at some of our favorite features and learn how to increase your online sales as well as maximize your profitablity.

Sell on Multiple Market Places

Sell your products on the leading global marketplaces and exponentially increase your visibility and sales.

BoostMySale showcases and pushes your products on the most popular global marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, etc. This provides maximum visibility for your products before potential customers which subsequently increases your sales and also empowers you globally.

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Store your products in Amazon's fulfillment centers and get Amazon to pick, pack, ship and provide it’s world-class customer service for your products.

Through BoostMySale’s Amazon marketplace integration, gain a comprehensive view of your Amazon sales, enjoy the manifold benefits of multiple warehouses and auto stock adjustments by getting Amazon to pick, pack, ship and provide customer service for your products efficiently. Save time money and man power and instead utilize it to focus on growing your business.


Sell on Facebook & Other Social Channels

Sell directly on Facebook as well as market your store on Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram to reach out to a wider global audience.

BoostMySale’s enables you to set up your own enticing social ecommerce store on Facebook as well as market it on other lucrative social platforms (Twitter, Pinterest etc.); thereby propelling your marketing efforts by reaching out to a wider global audience of both potential and existing customers.

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Mobile & Tablet Optimised Store

Launch your mobile and tablet optimized version of your site and be even accessible to potential customers on the move.

No need to design separate sites for mobiles or tablets. BoostMySale allows you to launch your mobile and tablet optimized versions of your web store and thus be easily accessible to potential customers even when they are on the go! We ensure that you never miss out on any opportunity to sell.

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Promote through E-Marketing Newsletters

Inbuilt e-marketing tools allows you to stay connected to your customers as well as get a competitive edge through comprehensive marketing campaigns.

Boost My Sale comes power- packed with inbuilt marketing tools of e-marketing, email blasts and newsletters (which you can self-customize). Not only can you increase your sales through comprehensive marketing campaigns but also connect with your existing customer base through announcement of strategically devised schemes, promotions and product launches.

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Advanced Analytics, Reporting Tools & Alerts

Our advanced, graphical analytical and reporting tools allows you to monitor results, measure success and strategize decisions effectively.

Knowing the right information at the right time empowers you to take crucial business decisions for your web store. Using BoostMySale's advanced and graphical analytical tools helps you to not only monitor and measure the success of your web-store but also study and analyze consumers behavior. Its real time data, updates, and charts help you to formulate strategic decisions and action plans besides providing a clearer insight into the market behavior.

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Single Window Interface with Intuitive Dashboard

Single Window interface with intuitive dashboard to control your entire e-commerce experience

View, track and manage your web store’s activities with our single window interface. Our intuitive dashboard lets you view all critical data in a graphical and user-friendly manner. It further enables you to get a comprehensive overview and a detailed analysis necessary for taking critical decisions.

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Processes & Pricing Strategy Automated

Automated processes and pricing strategy features helps save cost, time and which can be used to grow your business better

Our fully automated processes and pricing strategy feature not only eliminates any scope of human error but also speeds up the processes to provide you with accurate information in real-time. Thus with your processes being streamlined save more time, manpower and hence cost. This saved time can be used productively on various ways to grow your business better.

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Pay as you go Monthly Subscriptions

Flexible monthly subscriptions allows you to pay as you go.

Boost My Sale’s simplified monthly subscription plans (with no hidden costs) ensures you with a flexible and highly economical ecommerce experience. Now you can enjoy the comprehensive benefits of a complete and turnkey multi-channel ecommerce solution (which would otherwise have cost a substantial amount of investment) by just paying minimal subscriptions every month. One even has the flexible option of cancelling the same as per choice at any point of time.

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Easy Integration with Existing System

Flexible and easy integration with your current existing system.

Easy integration with existing systems like ERP's is of major significance for a flexible and scalable ecommerce solution. Besides, being flexible and scalable, it establishes seamless integration between your ecommerce website and other software applications already being used – thus ensuring improved productivity and efficiency.

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No Technology Expertise Required

Easy, interactive and user-friendly features allows you manage and operate without needing any sort of IT knowledge or expertise.

You do not need to have any technical knowledge or expertise to operate BoostMySale as its simple, interactive and user-friendly features allows you manage it effortlessly. Help Wizards at each stage guides you through all the processes and ensures a hassle free experience.

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Secure and Scalable

Foolproof security and scalable cloud based solution.

Not only is our site structurally so engineered to scale up and continue to grow with your size but it also boasts of a robust network of architectural setup and hardware firewalls with Level-1 PCI compliance keep your customer data encrypted and secure in the best possible way. Stringent PCI security standards provide hacker-deterrent security to your web store, thus ensuring its safety and complete security.

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Ready to Use Customizable Templates

Ready to use and customizable templates allows you to instantly create your attractive web store without spending much time or money

Our ready to use and customizable templates allows you to instantly create your attractive web store without spending much time or money. We provide a multitude of options which have been designed keeping in mind the specific usability of that vertical. Alternatively you also have the options of creating a fully customizable design to match your specific requirements and brand guidelines. Whatever be your choice our highly qualified and experienced design team ensures you with an attractive, eye catching and user friendly design.

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Integrated Multiple Payment Gateways, Shipping & Logistics

Seamless integration of multiple payment gateways, shipping and logistics companies in the system.

Choose from the multiple payment gateways that we will integrate to your store and which will allow you the much required smooth, flawless and secure transactions for your online business. We further integrate you with the leading shipping and logistics companies and provide you with a seamless fulfillment experience.

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Create multiple e-stores from one account

With one account create multiple e-stores and reduce your costs.

With BoostMySale you can even create multiple e-stores and thereby substantially reduce your cost. As you know a customized solution for an ecommerce website requires huge capital investment which besides development & integration costs includes server maintenance costs, content delivery networks, high bandwidth, robust security standards and much more. With our product you have the benefit of getting not one but multiple e-stores and that too by just paying a monthly subscription fee.

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Drag & Drop CMS

Comprehensive CMS features allows independent management of content of your site without any technical expertise.

Our comprehensive and well defined content Management System (CMS) allows you to create your own online store, make changes and maintain it independently without any additional cost. You can now easily and smartly insert, update, change or manage the content of your website including your blogs, slider banners, news, etc. without needing to have any technical or design knowledge. This streamlines your work and lets you manage it dynamically and efficiently too.

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Exhaustive Product Management Capabilities

Extremely exhaustive and state of the art product & inventory management system enables you to save time and maximize profitability of your web store.

Boost My Sale has an extremely exhaustive and effective product management system that allow you to intuitively organize, classify and label your products. Further we implement a classification matrix, based on multidimensional classification and its powerful merchandising management not only involves a centralized digital product-catalog but also includes inventory-variants, pricing, images and product content that can be easily built and managed. This enables you to prioritize, save time and efficiently manage products for maximizing profitability of your web store. In addition our state of the art features let you to manage multiple warehouses and track inventory from suppliers across locations.

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Search Engine Friendly Features

Search engine friendly features lets you design and create optimized web pages to drive increased traffic to your store.

Boost My Sale incorporates search engine friendly features that ensure high quality and product specific web content in your pages that are optimized to draw increased visitor attention. This will result in increased organic search engine traffic and also enable you to promote your product efficiently on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more.

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Under the Hood

Additional hidden features that will further enhance your e-commerce experience.

Everything that you need to make your online ecommerce venture successful is right here! Boost My Sale not only comes with a power-packed tank of features that have been discussed above but also with some following additional ‘hidden’ features that will further enhance your e-commerce experience:

  • Enhance your e-commerce experience with regular support, guidance and training
  • Enjoy the benefits of automated discount and coupon features to push products.
  • Import and export data in a snap.
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Generate, organize, view status and make attractive offers with bulk coupons using Boost’s efficient bulk coupon management system

Bulk coupons generation process is very easy with the BoostMySale and it’s a matter of few clicks. The back-end ‘Coupons Promotion’ section enables you to create bulk coupons and share them among the customers. These coupons can be ‘Single Use’ or ‘Multiple Use’ type and you can download the coupon codes in Excel format. Besides, you can check which coupon codes are used by the customers, when and the order information details of the customers.

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Get your most popular products noticed and increase their visibility with accurate ratings and reviews that build customer-confidence.

Boost My Sale enables customers to rate the products out of 5 star rating system and the product details page shows the cumulative score of all rating received by the customers. Customers can also post reviews about the product and it requires login. As the webstore owner, you can not only easily manage all reviews and ratings posted by the customers but also delete the inappropriate reviews if necessary.

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Experience the ease in configuring different taxes on your products by having them systematically organized in one place.

Boost My Sale supports state level taxes and allows user to configure VAT, CST taxes so that a proper invoice can be generated for every order fulfillment. Boost My Sale supports ‘Product Tax Class’ & ‘Customer Tax Class’ and enables you to create region specific tax rates. Additionally, it also gives you the freedom to define the different tax rules for a product class and customer class on the basis of its region.

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Organize better, gain online inventory visibility & automate your entire order fulfillment process through our Warehouse Management System (WMS) Partner

BoostMySale’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) partner enables you to organize the inventory from your own warehouses and also handles the packaging efficiently on your behalf. The biggest benefit of using this feature is that our WMS partner’s turnkey solutions enable you to outsource your warehouse or order fulfillment issues entirely or partially as per your custom business requirements. Moreover, with real time order flow and processing, you gain online inventory visibility and custom packaging solutions. BoostMySale’s WMS integration offers you end-to –end services to make your order fulfillment process automated.

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