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Consumers are most definitely expecting retailers to have a mobile presence. With BoostMySale you not only get your web store but also a mobile ready site. All this is rolled into one and that too at no extra cost.

Each site that is made on our exhaustive yet simple platform is mobile friendly. You can, thus, easily maximize customer conversions by not only providing your customers with a seamless experience but by also allowing them to browse and buy on your web store from any device (Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop) and of course, at any time!

  • Free Mobile Ready Store

  • Device Independent Responsive Designs

  • Sell on the go 24x7

  • Smooth Navigation &
    Secure Checkout

  • Customer Conversions

  • Seamless Experience Across
    All Devices


  • You can now view your web store as a fully functional mobile site with a secure checkout and shopping cart facility – all this at no extra cost.
  • Your customers can now browse & buy on your web store from any device.
  • Maximize customer conversions with your store being available and easily accessible on the go – 24 x 7.
  • Give your customers a seamless experience and a consistent look across multi-devices (Smartphone, Tablets, Laptops, Desktop).
  • With our attractive mobile responsive design protocols, your store design will optimally auto adjust, optimize and adapt to each screen with best fit, usability and navigation.
  • All processes are streamlined – from search to discovering new products to checkout.
  • Best practices and cutting edge mobile technology for optimum mobile viewing & enhanced performance.



Your homepage looks extremely attractive, and the branding and navigation is placed conveniently next to the Search and Cart icons.


A clear and large search option allows you to refine further.


Products are displayed large, with prices mentioned clearly.

Call to Actions are clearly mentioned. A Pincode checker is also in-built, thereby ensuring customers know if the product is available in their vicinity or not.


The most important step of the process is a distraction-free checkout. All out stores come with this incredible feature of a simple multi-step process, with clear form fields for easy detail filling-up.

Shipping price, quantity, product image and name alongwith the discount/promo box is clearly shown.

You can check out as a guest too! This is imperative as mobile users look at saving time and speed is of utmost importance.

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