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Ecommerce Platform


What is it that makes Boost such a winner? Well, there’s more reason than one. From crafting your identity by with a unique website to managing all your online stores, we have what it takes to push your online sales to the next level.

Ecommerce Platform

Create Your Store Instantly

Design your store to attract customers!

Ecommerce Platform

  • Woo your customers with the most attractive and eye-catching store in e-commerce, which YOU build from the fascinating and vast range of beautiful themes available.
  • With support from our experts, design your unique store in YOUR signature style, exactly the way you want it.
  • Arrest customers’ attention with a stunning website that actually takes their breath away !
  • Simple, beautiful and attractive designs ensure that you leave a lasting impression and make your presence felt.
  • Take a look for yourself at some of the amazing stores on BoostMySale !

Add products to your store & Manage efficiently

Ecommerce Platform

  • Swiftly add products to your store without any hassle.
  • Import from Excel or CSV wth our Wonder Importer
  • Easily manage all the record details of your products at a glance- pictures, videos, pricing, product descriptions, specifications and more.
  • Categorize your products smoothly so that customers can find them easily.
  • Poweful image management.Import them from your desktops or the internet!

Bring in the Money

Ecommerce Platform

  • See your payments coming in through various pre-integrated gateways like PayPal, Google Checkout, Pay In Store, and COD.
  • The choice of multiple payment options made available to your customers ensure successful sale conversions for your business.

Create magic with your own unique Website

Ecommerce Platform

  • User-friendly Website Builder empowers you to build your very own website, exactly the way you want it.
  • Building various pages, banners, contact forms and more becomes a child’s play with this magic tool.
  • It’s powerful support features and functionalities maintain and allow you to space your work according to your need and convenience.
  • It’s quick, easy to pick up and above all it’s fun. Try it!

Have own rates and customize shipping

Ecommerce Platform

  • Chart out your own shipping rates or additionally flash the real-time quotes from Royal Mail, FedEx, Intershipper and more.
  • Customize your shipping to with additional promotions to drive more sales.conversions.

Offer your customers their choice of Currencies

Ecommerce Platform

  • It’s natural for shoppers and visitors to check out product prices in local currencies.
  • Besides with real-time conversion rate updates and power packed features, Boost MySale makes sure that you get to sell your products to many countries across multiple channels.
Ecommerce Platform

Customizable Designs

Select from 100+ Attractive Themes

Ecommerce Platform

  • Choose from a collection of more than 100 beautiful and attractive themes
  • No matter what you sell, clothes, jewellery, stationery or gadgets, we have professionally designed templates for your store.
  • Customize your webstore with the theme that captures best the essence of your brand.

Personalize Your Way!

Ecommerce Platform

  • Design your website the exactly way you want to with amazing smart tools to make a great impression
  • Edit text and arrange the contents of your homepage with a novel WYSIWYG editor
  • Change the web page background (color and pattern) in just one click.
  • Add videos, social links, Facebook, comments, maps, gallery, forms in a SINGLE Click

Explore More!

Ecommerce Platform

  • Upload /newsite/images from your system and integrate them in your webstore
  • Manage different types of views by adding slider and /newsite/images in any page.
  • Choose different layouts to optimize each page
  • Get professional help from our expert designers at a nominal fee

SEO Friendly Pages

Ecommerce Platform

  • Drive more sales to your business with SEO friendly web pages
  • Design your interactive landing pages to run product specific marketing campaigns on Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.
  • Add, edit and change own pages with SEO details once they are ready
  • Grab leads from landing pages instantly.
Ecommerce Platform

Your Product. Your Rules.

Product Listing

Ecommerce Platform

  • Upload products in any format you wish using excel sheets, XMLs or manually as well.
  • Automatically map your products with the help of our intuitive AutoMAP.
  • Revise and edit your listings depending on your inventory stock.
  • Smart ‘Single-Click’ Data Upload! Upload data of different products onto multiple channels in a single click using a single interface.
  • Save time and concentrate on selling more than arranging your products.
  • Create new listings of your products across various channels from a single interface.

Product Management

Ecommerce Platform

  • Build unique product templates for online marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, etc.
  • Cross-sell ‘featured and new’ products on your store.
  • Decorate your web store with attractive /newsite/images of your products.
  • Enter products’ details in the ‘description’ section like product brand, manufacturer, sizes available, weight, available colors etc.
  • Highlight Special Features and make your products stand out.
  • Standardize your product prices using our ‘Autopricing’ or opt for Tier Pricing depending on customer types.
  • Customize your products to help customers identify them instantly!.
  • Make your web store a Customer Magnet!

Bonus Feature

Ecommerce Platform

  • Increase your visibility and selling chances by creating multiple lists based on customer requirements.
  • Increase your sale conversions by allowing customers to browse through all similar products from a single interface. This is achieved through Listing.
  • Our unique ‘Bundling’ feature gives you the freedom to create ‘Lists’ so that you can segregate your products distinctly by classifying them according to their brands, most selling items, etc
  • Offer attractive discounts and coupons to regular or new customers.
  • Freely attend to all international customers round the clock without any glitches as our system supports multiple currencies

Product Reviews

Ecommerce Platform

  • Reviews of products by your customers build confidence and trust in what you deliver.
  • Incorporate as many reviews as you want and display them at no extra costs.
  • Increase sale conversions by backing up your sales with more reviews.
  • Enjoy higher search rankings.
Ecommerce Platform

Multiple Payment Gateways

Benefits Galore!

Ecommerce Platform

  • Give your customers the freedom to choose their mode of payment from an array of options like ‘PayPal’ or ‘cash on delivery’ or credit cards. We also support cash on pickup!
  • Ensure your customers the authenticity of payment methods so that they return to your webshop again in future.

Boost Business

Ecommerce Platform

  • Broaden your customer base and improve scope to attract business globally.
  • Reduce processing time and aid in conducting the transaction much faster with easy to use payment gateways.
  • Excellent shopping cart functionalities to ensure repeat business

Safety First

Ecommerce Platform

  • The information provided by the customer is encrypted using SSL, 128 bit industry recognized encryption system, so that safe and secure transactions can be done via the multiple payment gateways offered by Boost.
  • Encryption of sensitive information makes it nearly impossible to hack into a payment gateway. Thus, your customers can shop online without the fear of phishing and any other unscrupulous activities.
Ecommerce Platform

Choose Marketplaces

Multiple Channel Incorporation

Ecommerce Platform

  • Sell on multiple well known and well connected channels like eBay, Amazon, etc
  • Broaden your customer base by tapping the huge user base of marketplaces.
  • Track orders and view all that is happening from a single interface. Find out what is selling most on which channel
  • Get yourself up and running almost instantly on matketplaces

Multiple Benefits

Ecommerce Platform

  • View order on timelines on multiple marketplaces simultaneously so as to coordinate and organize your sales more efficiently
  • View and edit your listings on all your channels via single interface without any time lag
  • Save time to concentrate more on your business and boost your sales rather than spending time to channelize your orders and manage your listings on different portals

Ebay Marketplace

Ecommerce Platform

  • Automated tools that posts your products on eBay
  • Design your own Ebay Template easily and profitably
  • Translate the million of internet users into higher sales volume for your product with the means of BoostMySale
  • Reprice and relist Ebay items in a jiffy

Google Shopping

Ecommerce Platform

  • Push your product up in Google Shopping List in few clicks
  • Generate higher levels of more qualified traffic by pushing your product information upfront and at just the corrent moment in the buying circle of your customer

Sell on Amazon

Ecommerce Platform

  • Expand your sales into International Markets with Amazon US, UK and India Marketplaces
  • Amazon draws nearly 85 million unique monthly visitors who can be potentially translated into higher sales volume. The variety and all in one aspect of this marketplace can draw in lots of customers who prefer online shopping experience.
Ecommerce Platform

Social Commerce

Facebook Store

Ecommerce Platform

  • Create your own Facebook store in less than a minute.
  • It is an opportunity that leading businesses are increasingly grappling with. Be the first to get it right
  • Fans can “Buy” directly from Facebook

Twitter Marketing Tool

Ecommerce Platform

  • Send product /newsite/images and descriptions to your Twitter followers directly from your product listing
  • Automate your product tweets to promote your business and increase your profits.
  • Push the level of your online exposure to generate more sales with Twitter Marketing Tools
  • We include targeted keywords for tweets to categorize your brand properly in Twellow - an excellent directory of Twitter users.
  • Convert “Followers” to “Buyers”

Pinterest Boards

Ecommerce Platform

  • Pin your product /newsite/images in Pinterest Boards to increase visuability of your store.
  • Unlike Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest is index-able by search engines. Enhance SEO efforts and Boost your product visibility with campaigns designed for Pinterest.
  • Get on top of the fastest proving sales tool on the internet - Pinterest
Ecommerce Platform

Mobile Commerce

Flexible Access and Easy Connectivity

Ecommerce Platform

  • Through mobile ecommerce users can be easily accessible via mobile phones and simultaneously they can be available on mobile messengers as well.
  • The system integrated operations to facilitate your commercial transaction at any time of the day from any location with internet access.

Promote your brand

Ecommerce Platform

  • Leverage benefits conveniently from the well-connected state of a mobile device to communicate and distribute real-time promotions.
  • Increase immediate sales and generate more sales volume with promotion campaigns exclusively designed for mobile commerce,
  • Also announce special discounts, offers and information on products through special mobile apps designed exclusively for your business
Ecommerce Platform


Details in Email

Ecommerce Platform

  • As a part of our marketing campaign, we allow you to send emails to your customers and subscribers.
  • You can customize your forms, newsletters and emails by choosing the template, design, uploading /newsite/images from your computer or from our image library, etc. Thus, the emails sent by you are entirely customized and personalized as per your requirements.
  • Keep track of your emails by seeing who opened them, deleted them, forwarded them and responded to them.
  • FIRST EVER FEATURE – Track product sold through campaigns in one single window

Let us Make you Famous

Ecommerce Platform

  • Create your own lists and segregate your clients according to your preferences so that you can shoot off relevant emails and newsletters to your created list of recipients.
  • Send out emails and updates to your customers instantly without working on it with the help of RSS feeds and adjust the frequency with which you wish to send these campaigns.
  • Create marketing strategies and implement them in the form of various campaigns. You can also tweak and improve your marketing strategy depending on surveys and feedbacks.

Get Insights

Ecommerce Platform

  • Pique the interest of your customers with information about exciting offers that are in the pipeline.
  • Use our Google analytics tool to get reports and a detailed insight about the impact your marketing campaign is made.
  • Send automated mails on a regular basis to increase your customer base to build better long-term customer relations.


Ecommerce Platform

  • Keep your customers informed and update them about the company company, news and special offers.
  • Send traffic driving newsletters in bulk to announce the launch of new products.
  • Capture email through stores and then effectively import the same to your email marketing platform or CRM
Ecommerce Platform

Manage Your Orders

Order Integration and Management

Ecommerce Platform

  • Seamlessly integrate orders across various channels like eBay and Amazon in just one click
  • Get order notification by Email
  • Efficient, Effective and Proficient CMS to Manage orders from different portals using single interface
  • Print, Split or Email orders from a single interface placed on your store

Order Processing

Ecommerce Platform

  • Track the orders already shipped and the ones which are pending
  • Explore an easier way to maintain your account and print invoice as and when you require

Keep Eye on Your Order!

Ecommerce Platform

  • Manage your eCommerce business and orders on the go
  • Track your orders and check your payment status with our responsive design and store’s control panel from your mobile phone.
  • Unique user friendly interface for Customer management
  • Handle returns and replacements efficiently with most flexible and automated return system.

Control Pricing and Inventory

Ecommerce Platform

  • Set your very own customized pricing formula for each channel
  • Enjoy the ease of calculating pricing in multiple currencies
  • View your entire inventory at a glance
  • Set your stock levels and automatically disable purchasing when the stock is exhausted.

Import & Export

Ecommerce Platform

  • Export your data in Excel or CSV for further analysis
  • Import products, pictures and other information in a jiffy
Ecommerce Platform

Take Charge of the Online World

Built-in SEO Functions

Ecommerce Platform

  • Boost wonderfully integrates everything you need under one umbrella.
  • Easy to change and Customizable header, title and metatags
  • Automatically generate sitemaps, xml files so new products and site changes show up on the search engines
  • Open graph integration for Facebook Graph Search

Rank High, Attract New Visitors

Ecommerce Platform

  • Attract new customers and rank high on search engines
  • Drive more sales with increased online traffic
  • Enjoy the pro-level benefits normally missed out by other platforms.

Social Media Outreach

Ecommerce Platform

  • Launch your product through Facebook & Twitter Store
  • Brand Advocacy to ascertain credibility of your products
  • Showcase your products in front of the right customers through target ad campaigns

Share your store on Social Network

Ecommerce Platform

  • Leverage your sales and brand value by going viral on the social media marketing network with Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and other social networks.
  • Make your presence felt with increased exposure across multiple channels.
  • Drive tons of free traffic towards your store and increase sales with your customers’ word of mouth on social media network spreading rapidly.

Seamless Integration

Ecommerce Platform

  • Get your product listed in Google Shopping in just few clicks with our innovative built in integration systems.
  • Drive large amount of online shoppers and get your listings automatically updated.
  • Reach Maximum customers with Minimum effort.

Instant Delivery of Contents

Ecommerce Platform

  • Decrease spectacularly the time consumed for loading page by prompt distribution of files to servers across the globe.
  • Instant Delivery of Contents to upshot Higher Page Ranks and Greater Sales!

Content Marketing

Ecommerce Platform

  • Accentuate your business with Customizable Blog
  • Increase your online presence with Press Release
  • Informative Content to engage with prospects
  • Publish informative eBooks or Whitepapers for brand promotion


Ecommerce Platform

  • Customized newsletter
  • Monthly newsletters to promote your contents
  • Weekly scheduled newsletters for product sales
  • Monthly newsletter to request product reviews
Ecommerce Platform

Reports and Analytics

Strong and Effective Analytics

Ecommerce Platform

  • Experience a wealth of information at your fingertips and keep track of your website’s progress over time.
  • Know how your customers found you and what search terms did they use
  • Know what URLs are referring to your online stores and track the number of visits.
  • Know who your unique visitors and their geographic locations

Hot Online!

Ecommerce Platform

  • Know what sells the most online
  • Know the weekly, monthly and if needed yearly report of your best selling products online.
  • Find out the number of units sold and the revenue earned from your best-selling product
  • Know who your top buyers are. Filter to any date to get a view of who your top customers are

Google Analytics Integration

Ecommerce Platform

  • Perform store wide and item specific tests with easy to integrate Google Analytics
  • See the product image which drives more conversion by using Google Website Optimizer
  • Get updated on customer purchases and shopping cart transaction automatically
Ecommerce Platform

Hosting your Website on a Secured Server

Everything you need requiring no installation !

Ecommerce Platform

  • Boost My Sale is purely a simple and an ’easy to use’ e-commerce platform which combines all the varied utilities in the palm of your hand.
  • Built on an unshakable foundation, this integral heavy-duty platform is power packed with robust features like a strong and securely hosted website, a domain name, shopping carts, product catalogs, Customer Relationship Management, various marketing & conversion tools along with analytics, email accounts, feedback & reporting options and also a mobile-friendly store!.
  • Your ‘BoostMySale’ store is as easy to get started with like signing up for Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter!. Your store gets automatically updated it with the latest information as all the features are well integrated. All your worries of the store management are well taken care of, so that you can concentrate your time and energy on building your sales.

Have your own unique domain name!

Ecommerce Platform

  • If you are already having your own domain name (e.g. www.valentinoneil.com), you can link it up with your BoostMySale’ store. Otherwise, just go ahead with a unique name which defines you and make your store stand out as it gets automatically connected!

Robust Features- Heavy Duty
'Traffic' Management

Ecommerce Platform

  • ‘Boost My Sale’ is built for the kill. – It is designed to strongly support the heavy traffic and efficiently manage them as well.

Secure Servers

Ecommerce Platform

  • We host your store on our super dynamic, powerful and completely secured and dedicated servers. We understand the importance of data and thus have your store fully protected with hardcore hacker resistant security features, efficient network architectures and robust hardware firewalls.
  • Customers are happy when they don’t have to wait impatiently while the pages load. The ‘Boost My Sale’ CDN dramatically slashes the page load times by distributing files to servers all over the world; This means that one can browse faster and without interruption. Hence it leads to customers’ happiness.

Protect your store from
hackers with Level 1 PCI compliance

Ecommerce Platform

  • All ‘Boost My Sale’ stores are automatically PCI compliant, and our entire network is independently audited against stringent PCI security standards every three months. We're proud to be featured on both Visa and MasterCard’s lists of PCI-compliant providers.
  • Ensure that during the check out process, your customer has the confidence especially at the time of purchase. This confidence comes with the SSL certificate that we provide your store with.

Unfaltering 99.99%+ average uptime

Ecommerce Platform

  • You stand to lose immensely like drop in your sales when your store is down Our average uptime is 99.995%, well above industry average. We ensure that your store is available whenever shoppers want to buy.

Round the Clock Monitoring

Ecommerce Platform

  • With our army of dedicated security team members, your store is basically monitored very moment. Our world-class support team is there at your service all the time. Name it and we are there- whether through Facebook or Twitter, over phone or through email, they’re at your service and guarantee customer satisfaction every time!.

Assigning controls and
granting permissions

Ecommerce Platform

  • You can conveniently grant access to different employees with different logins to the store. You can also monitor them by assigning different level of control and permissions You can also check out which worker is being productive and who is not performing!!
  • easily assign each of your employees their own store login, with fine-grained control over permissions. So you can give them access to process orders, for example, but not to add products. You can even see a history of every action taken by each staff member.
Ecommerce Platform

We Measure Customer Satisfaction

Enjoy eCommerce Assist

Ecommerce Platform

  • All Boost Customers will have access to our expert squad
  • Our expert support team provides one stop solution for you to help you launch your store, promote your site and grow your sales
  • No matter what your business is and how you proceed with it, we will make it work
  • Our support team is always available via phone, live chat and mail

Technical Support

Ecommerce Platform

  • We are here to help you for any problem you face while uploading, editing or changing the product display in your site
  • Our expert squad is more than happy to lend their guidance for store set up and configuration
  • Get all the major questions about Boost adequately answered

Expert Support Article

Ecommerce Platform

  • Know how to write effective product descriptions or improve SEO
  • Become an eCommerce boss with insights from tons of in-depth articles

Community Forum AND Video Tutorial

Ecommerce Platform

  • Share your ideas and advice on Boost Community Forum
  • Know more about digital marketing and your common tasks with our video tutorials. * coming soon
Ecommerce Platform

Key Features

Behind the Scenes of Boost

Ecommerce Platform

  • Manage the work assigned to your employees by grouping, assigning specific roles and by fixing their pay. Enjoy Employee Management at its Best!
  • Fix the extent of access of your employee can have to your website. Choose to grant permission to employees and users on your website.
  • Create webpages, reports, newsletters and blogs about your products with the well placed content management system functions on Boost round the clock.
  • The security of your information and details about your business figure is high up on the priority list for Boost. Boost ensures that there are no chances for breach of information and also we offer information independence by storing all your data on your server.
  • We also offer information independence by storing all your data on your server
  • Enhance your e-commerce experience with regular support, guidance and training

Bonus Features

Ecommerce Platform

  • Free 1 GB space to create your own information base and image library.
  • Boost charges you no hidden or extra costs.
  • Manage tax rates based on locations and areas.
  • Back office management spares you time and effort and allows you to concentrate on running your business smoothly.
  • Boost is equipped with a search box that allows you to globally search for all products.
  • Drag and drop custom fields – create your own forms
  • Enjoy the benefits of automated discount and coupon features to push products.
  • You can import and export data in a snap


Ecommerce Platform

  • Send automatic recommendations from our intuitive ‘recommendation engine’ to customers suggesting them related products based on the history of their shopping trends
  • Shoppers who leave before checkout are encouraged to return by our ‘Abandoned Cart Saver’ engine which shoots out emails

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    You can sell on multiple channels in the online space such as your website, different marketplaces and social stores. A centralized inventory management system is built for all these channels so that when there are orders from any of these channels, the inventory is reduced automatically.

    Online Store

    Our unique Facebook store allows a customer to not only like, comment and share your products but also purchase the product right inside Facebook. With this innovative feature our clientele has found a much better conversion and selling ratio as well as reduced abandoned cart chances. Be it acquiring customers through your tweets or sharing your product pictures on Pinterest & Instagram our interface will allow you to post on various social media channels instead of visiting each one separately.

    Online Store

    BoostMySale showcases and pushes your products on the most popular global marketplaces like Amazon, Ebay, etc. This provides maximum visibility for your products before potential customers which subsequently increases your sales and also empowers you globally.

    Online Store

    No need to design separate sites for mobiles or tablets. BoostMySale allows you to launch your mobile and tablet optimized versions of your web store and thus be easily accessible to potential customers even when they are on the go! We ensure that you never miss out on any opportunity to sell.

    Online Store

    Listing products one by one on each of the marketplaces like eBay, Amazon, Snapdeal, Flipkart is a tedious job. Our Unique Listing Creating Capability System gives you the authority to directly create products on each of these marketplaces – right from our interface, avoiding the efforts of accessing each seller panel separately and saving you loads of time.

    Online Store

    With our Automated Pricing Management System you can now update the product prices automatically across all your online selling channels in just a few clicks. It saves your valuable time to manage the pricing on different selling channels without accessing each seller panel separately.

    Online Store

    You need a central place to control multiple listings across marketplaces that comprises of orders, product data, inventory, customers and much more. With our central system, you can easily track all the aspects of your online business across any channel at any point of time.

    Online Store

    Knowing the right information at the right time empowers you to take crucial business decisions for your web store. Using BoostMySale's advanced and graphical analytical tools helps you to not only monitor and measure the success of your web-store but also study and analyze consumers’ behavior. Its real time data, updates, and charts help you to formulate strategic decisions and action plans besides providing a clearer insight into the market behavior.

    Online Store

    BoostMySale’s enables you to set up your own enticing social ecommerce store on Facebook as well as market it on other lucrative social platforms (Twitter, Pinterest etc.); thereby propelling your marketing efforts by reaching out to a wider global zaudience of both potential and existing customers.

    Online Store

    With our own inbuilt e-marketing suite you can promote your products and deals through e-marketing, email blasts and newsletters (which you can self-customise) to get a competitive edge. This helps you to not only promote your products to potential customers and increase your global audience but also stay in touch with your existing customer base through announcement of special schemes, promotions and product launches.

    Online Store

    With this unique and flexible feature you can now sell your products with a different pricing in each separate country. An Internet Protocol address (IP address) is a numerical label assigned to each device connected to the internet. Our system tracks the IP of the customer visiting your website and accordingly displays the price applicable to that region. For example with our IP based multi-currency system a customer from USA will be able to see the set prices of your products in USD.

    Online Store




DISCLAIMER - Amazon, eBay and Facebook are the registered Trademarks of their respective owners and we neither have any business interest in them nor are competing with them. The logos have been shown herein only to indicate that our clients are using our product to integrate their platform with either one or more of these websites and are being able to manage their business more efficiently. We do not claim to be associated with these companies but with our product have been able to help our clients to sell more efficiently on the portals.