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an introduction

BoostMySale gives B2B businesses the robust capabilities expected of an enterprise-class B2B ecommerce platform, including the ability to provide the same easy and information-rich shopping experience as a B2C website.

With BoostMySale, ecommerce is seamlessly integrated with your back-end operational systems, including order management, ERP and CRM. You can even support web stores, in-house sales, distributors, manufacturers, brick-and-mortar stores and channel partners all from a single platform.

BoostMySale Enterprise edition is more tailored for large online retailers with a substantial number of transactions, solid security considerations, ample room for scalability, and many rich features and functionality.

Boostmysale b2b - Specific benefits

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Case Study


One of our BoostMySale B2B customer's is a platinum seller on Amazon (does online sales of nearly 4-5 crores a month) of health and nutritional products. There are 27,000 gyms in the country and each of these gyms buy his health and nutritional products which in turn they sell to their end clients.

Our B2B portal has listed all their health and nutritional products. We have given access to each of these gym owners who apply for a login. After the team approves them, they log in and are able to see the entire range of products online along with their respective prices and margins (which is set by the principal). Subsequently they are able to buy the products in bulk and check out. They specify their shipping address and the entire process works just like how it would for B2C.

Small sellers can buy via Credit Card - one can even charge a 2% convenience fee for the same as there is also option to offer credit. The workflow is easily modifiable as per the client's requirement but most importantly it is so simple, that only one person handles the entire system!

They are creating PDF's to upload against the product, so gym owners can take out their own printouts and stick on their gym notice boards for their end clients to read!

Our client is initially targeting only 3000 gyms in the first year, but we see this growing considerably over the next few years.

meeting the challenges of delivering an
effective b2b ecommerce solution

Many of the capabilities required for successful B2C multichannel e-commerce are also critical in the B2B business. However there are a number of challenges that are unique to the B2B e-commerce space and are addressed by BoostMySale B2B.

  • Manage Simply the Complexity of B2B Processes & Transaction

    B2B commerce entails a level of complexity across a number of dimensions that must be efficiently managed. B2B account management tends to be more complex than in the B2C world and requires the ability to address different types of users with different needs and multiple user accounts with multiple roles. BoostMySale gives account managers intuitive, rights-based tools to manage accounts and related cost centers, contracts and budgets.

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  • Complete Multichannel Business Model and Markets Integration for Holistic Customer Experience

    It's not enough to offer the ability to simply support multiple channels. All channels including online, mail-order catalogue, call centre, etc. must be "aware" of the other channels and be integrated to deliver a holistic customer experience. BoostMySale not only synchronises all channels and marketplaces but also ensures processes and customer interactions are optimized across all channels and touch points such as online stores, mobile, affiliates, kiosks, chat, etc.

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  • Single Window Interface to Manage all B2B Activities

    BoostMySale integrates products, multiple supplier catalogs, inventory, contracts, customer information, contents and orders onto a single solution and which can all be managed from a single window dashboard.

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  • Product Content Consistency with Real Time Updation across Channels

    Consistent, accurate and rich product content is the foundation of a successful B2B e-commerce website. With BoostMySale content production processes fit the multichannel paradigm to ensure that up-to-date data and content consistency is available across all channels.

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  • Streamlining Order Processing, Centralised Inventory Management and Fulfilment Services

    BoostMySale manages multiple warehouses for fulfilment by allowing setup of inventory across multiple warehouses. Orders from a given location can be fulfilled from the nearest warehouse through a configurable order routing mechanism. Centralised inventory management system is built for all channels and keeps track of inventory in real time.

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  • Intuitive Reporting Buyer-centric B2B Merchandising Management

    With BoostMySale's intuitive and smart reports one can analyse the requirement of B2B buyers i.e. page views, abandoned cart, etc.) and help them find and purchase the exact products they need with promotional offers, customized landing page, etc.

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B2B Order Management and Omni-Channel Fulfilment

  • Centralized order management capabilities to enable efficient and flexible omni-channel fulfillment options like 'buy online pick up in store' or 'buy'.
  • Channel-agnostic order views and cross-channel order capture cum processing improves operational efficiency.
  • Multi-warehouse support.
  • Fulfillment orchestration for mapping fulfillment routes by country, warehouse and stock.
  • B2B customers can track their order history, schedule and return orders, split orders for partial delivery as well as ship to different addresses.
  • Vouchers, product recommendations and promotions ensures efficient marketing campaigns and cross-selling offers.
  • Returns and refunds management for enabling online return in store scenarios.
  • Integrate B2B commerce with the offline inventory by providing a generic API based integration with ERP & POS systems.

B2B Multi-Channel Marketing and Sales

  • Automated pricing management system allows seamless updating of product prices across online selling channels.
  • Multi-currency pricing for different countries (based on IP tracking).
  • Complex B2B pricing models and allow select customers special prices, terms and credit limits.
  • Easily manage sites with multiple languages, currencies, brands, taxes and other regional requirements.
  • Complex, multidimensional products including routine, repeat and bulk ordering capabilities.
  • Faceted search and navigation along with transparent product comparisons allows increase in conversion rates.
  • Single interface to control multiple listings across channels.
  • Complete taxation customization based on shipping and billing addresses.

B2B Content and Catalogue Management

  • Centralized content management ensures data consistency.
  • Represent complex and specialized products accurately and effectively.
  • Provide customized product catalogs, prices and offers.
  • Built-in digital asset management enriches and manages the product descriptions with high-resolution images and videos.
  • Native integration consolidates and manage all product content and attributes across all channels.
  • Easy integration with back-office systems and processes for seamless transactions and relationship management.
  • Integrated web content management creates multiple micro-sites for bigger B2B accounts.

B2B Technology & Security

  • Scalable service-oriented architecture ideal for integration with existing systems.
  • Password protect options to restrict access to authorized customers and partners. Specific organizational requirements such as multiple roles, delegated user administration and organization-specific workflows can be set to specific needs.
  • Robust network of architectural setup & hardware firewalls with Level-1 PCI compliance.
  • Integrate your system with any RESTful-capable system through the set of extensible web services.
  • Can be deployed as per client's specific needs - on premise or on-demand in the cloud.
  • Completely cloud optimized platform built with enterprise security standards.

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DISCLAIMER - Amazon, eBay and Facebook are the registered Trademarks of their respective owners and we neither have any business interest in them nor are competing with them. The logos have been shown herein only to indicate that our clients are using our product to integrate their platform with either one or more of these websites and are being able to manage their business more efficiently. We do not claim to be associated with these companies but with our product have been able to help our clients to sell more efficiently on the portals.