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Search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of getting a website rank higher on the search engine results pages (SERPs). When a user types a word or phrase into a search engine, a sophisticated algorithm returns a list of web pages. They are all ranked so that the most relevant results appear at the top of a page. The chunk of the traffic (more than 60%) goes to the first three organic positions on the first SERP. As an online retailer, you’re in the unique situation of selling and listing potentially thousands of SKUs. And with those SKUs come exponentially more keywords, header tags, product descriptions and more that you need to manage & optimize.   Every market, every vertical, even every product will have a unique SEO landscape. Patience and persistence are just as important as these best practices. This eBook provides you with intelligent SEO strategies, tactics and guidance to improve your online retail results. It empowers you to understand the issues, identify the required technologies, and to map a course for greater SEO results that will lead to increased sales and revenue. SEO can have benefits that go beyond your rankings. BoostMySale SAAS ecommerce platform follows the best SEO practices and you can easily build a web-store on BoostMySale with solid search authority and a great user-experience.

7 Powerful Ecommerce Marketing Trends

eCommerce marketing is getting tricky by emerging technologies and new potential customer touch points. We know it can be difficult to track the biggest game-changers when it seems like there's a new tool or product being released every day. We put together a list of 7 emerging trends that are likely to change how eCommerce businesses market their products in 2017. This guidebook is very useful for the eCommerce businesses who are looking to boost their online presence and beat competition. Use this guide to improve your marketing efforts, lower spend and increase conversion for your online store. For more details of how to organize your marketing strategies for online business, take a look at our SMART TURNKEY ECOMMERCE SOLUTION.   This eBook is highlighting the challenges merchants often face when growing their eCommerce business. By reading this eBook you will be able to learn how to leverage these key marketing trends for your eCommerce business success.