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Omni-Channel Sales

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Gain Customer Insight

BoostMySale’s omni channel solution gives plenty of choices to shoppers in where and when to shop. They also have unprecedented knowledge and power right at their fingertips. It’s more important than ever to bring customer information into merchandising processes by using our Omni-Channel solution that enables real-time insight and actions. BoostMySale’s omni channel solution builds customer knowledge into processes and gives the ability to adapt and change in real time due to which retailers can gain a significant competitive advantage.

Plan Assortments Effectively

Today's customers are demanding a tailor-made assortment as per their needs at a local level. Our Omni-Channel solution supports optimized merchandise planning that incorporates both real-time response and predictive insight. As a result, retailers can quickly change merchandise and assortments to capture trend shifts. You can optimize store and customer groups with clustering and segmentation techniques to help ensure assortments are well balanced across selling channels.

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Omni Channel Marketing: Customer-Centric Marketing and Promotions

It’s very important to consider your customers’ preferences into marketing and promotional activities. With help of our Omni-Channel solution, you can organize and manage concurrent marketing activities to present a consistent and attractive brand image across channels and geographies. Our smart platform enables you to design advertising and promotional pricing that generates value and loyalty across a diverse and demanding customer base.

Deliver Targeted Offers

Our Omni-Channel solution enables you to gain insight into demand drivers, and utilize these insights to determine the most effective pricing and promotional strategies for your customers. With help of our smart analytics tools, you can conduct customer-centric strategic analyses and align operational execution with your pricing strategy.

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and if we don’t, we’ll create a custom one just for you..

Boost My Sale Enterprise not only helps increase your visibility and sales exponentially but also automates and streamlines your processes to allow you to focus on growing your business.

We takes care of your entire e-commerce ecosystem. Everything from product catalog to structuring your warehouse and shipment. Our innovative technology allows you to push products automatically onto leading marketplaces such as Ebay & Amazon, as well as create your own Facebook store.

All of this from a single window.

OmniChannel Order Fulfillment

Centralized View of Orders

Customers expect quick delivery, fulfillment options that meet their needs and the ability to make returns in the most convenient way. We provide a centralized view of all order information so your customers can make, receive and return orders through any channel they choose. Our customer-centric order management experience complements existing back-office logic by becoming a hub for orders from multiple order entry systems, channels and touchpoints.

In-Store Pickup

Our Omni-Channel order module provides all the tools that you need to manage your complex order fulfillment processes and keep customers happy. BoostMySale's order fulfillment feature will increase your cross channel sales, retail store foot traffic and customer loyalty. Our in-store pickup option gives online shoppers the flexibility to buy online and choose a pickup location of their choice.

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Online Inventory Lookup

With help of our distributed order management solution, customers get online access to your inventory levels at a specific store location, and across all your digital channels. BoostMySale enables you to get accurate, real-time inventory information that helps you meet customers' promised delivery dates, make smarter fulfillment decisions and utilize stock from the most cost effective locations by unifying different warehouses across multiple channels.

Supply Chain Synchronization

We orchestrate your supply chain to receive orders from various order channels and then, based on your customized rules, routes the order appropriately to create an optimal fulfillment workflow. Our Omni-Channel order management process enables you to differentiate your order fulfillment methods and effectively manage all item information, including vendor details, data transfer, file management, shipment scheduling, tracking, and reporting, in real-time.

Consistent Customer Experience


Omni Channel Retail Strategy: Superior Customer Engagement

Our Omni-Channel solution supports all of your future engagement plans across every channel – web-store, mobile, call center, and beyond. We provide a consistent experience across multiple touchpoints and it helps you to drive revenue and engagement throughout the customer journey. You can focus on customer interaction, their preferences and needs in order to treat them the way they want to be treated.

Deeper Relationships

We help you to know your customers across channels to provide personalized, contextual interactions. BoostMySale gives you one view of your customer across all channels. The seamless customer interface gives your customer one view of you and your products. We engage your customers through social integrations with Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest.

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Extraordinary Shopping Experiences

With our Omni-Channel approach, consumers can make their purchases via their choice of sales settings: they can channel-hop among online and physical stores, smartphones, tablets, social media, and call centers. We help you make all your channels connected, integrated, and consistent thus ensuring truly seamless customer journey. With all these channels come immense opportunities and tough challenges given that customers order through multiple channels and through multiple locations.

Multi-Channel Customer Care

We help you to define your Omni-Channel strategy on the customer experience. You can easily promote repeat sales and loyalty by providing sophisticated customer service across all your retail channels. Our role based access feature enables your customer service agents from across your enterprise to transition from technical task workers to knowledge workers.

best omni channel ecommerce companies


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  • Real-Time Data

    Know what your customers are buying and promote similar items to entice them consistently. Our Omni-Channel platform helps you to know your customers buying pattern on real-time and personalized your promotions. Assess demand patterns as they occur and gain insight into customer behavior.

  • Complete Customer View

    BoostMySale helps you to capture the complete customer view at the point of their buying decision. By using our Omni-Channel solution, you will gain ability to act in real time, customers will appreciate your attention to their preferences and become more loyal to your brand.

  • Analytics in the Cloud

    Our cloud-based analytics help you to accomplish tasks, ranging from key value item analysis to affinity analysis. This combines predictive analytics delivered in a consumable cloud-based environment with the latest innovations in visualization.

  • Integrated, Comprehensive Platform

    With help of our fully integrated ecommerce platform, you can build the customer insight into all your merchandising areas to enable targeted promotions, optimized assortments, pricing and markdown activities, maximizing profitability and customer loyalty.

  • Speed-to-Market

    Our approach lets your organization quickly deliver new experiences to market, and then learn from them and make adjustments. BoostMySale Omni-Channel solution encompasses with BI & Analytics tools that help you to identify your customers’ preferences and take quick decisions.

  • Gain A Full-Service Partner

    Close client collaboration underscores our ability to define an Omni-Channel strategy and then prioritize capabilities into a roadmap and execute on them. We ensure you have the right foundational capabilities and platforms, and that you’re maximizing every customer touch point.