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Integration of Tally ERP with Boostmysale

Real-Time Data Sync
Tally ERP integration with BoostMySale helps you to bridge the gap between these two different applications. Our integration solution enables you to pass completed orders and customer information to Tally ERP. You can share and update web inventory and customer data in nearly real time scenario.
Automatic Products Syncing
Integration with Tally ERP enables you to automatically upload and update your BoostMySale web-store with inventory data such as products, prices and quantity. All the products related information such as products, their images, quantity, product attributes are transferred and uploaded in your BoostMySale web-store via our integration solution.
Automatic Orders Syncing
Our orders synchronization process can be either pre-scheduled, which means BoostMySale can be set to download orders automatically after definite intervals (staring from 30 seconds to several hours) or can be done manually using the "Download Orders" button.
Maintain Data Integrity
Maintaining data integrity is an ongoing process. At BoostMySale, we always ensure that the structure of your web-store data is consistent in the manner it needs to be maintained and accessed during ongoing and out-coming to the Tally ERP.


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Critical Business Functions

Pushing New Products into BoostMySale
BoostMySale takes product information including images, product variants, pricing details, discounts etc. from Tally ERP and convert those to a format readable by the BoostMySale store (XML feed). Our Tally integration solution interacts only with the product information section without intervening in other operations anywhere in the entire system.
Inserting New Orders into Tally ERP
Our Tally integration API communicates with your BoostMySale store and search if there is any fresh order or not there. If it finds new orders in your web-store, it downloads the complete order information including the product(s) purchased in that order with quantity and variants, shipping information, order amount, customer information and everything else included in the order.
Set Scheduler Process
You can schedule the process of updating product catalogue and order information on both Tally ERP and your BoostMySale web-store on a real time basis. You can set the frequency with which this information can be updated. These update processes can be scheduled on an hourly or daily basis.
Integrated Marketplaces
With BoostMySale’s Tally Integration tool, you will be able to create sales invoice, debit notes, credit notes, receipts from the transaction excel file downloaded from Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal etc into Tally ERP. The integration tool has been helpful to reduce manual efforts significantly and increase the work efficiency.

Why do you need BoostMySale Tally ERP Integration Solution?

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  • Increase Productivity
    BoostMySale's Tally ERP integration system enables you to upload product catalogue information from the Tally ERP to your BoostMySale web-store. Also it updates the pricing and inventory information dynamically.
  • Avoid Duplication of Work
    Our Tally ERP integration system enables you to streamline the communication process between Tally and your webstore, keeping inventory, pricing, and order data up-to-date and accurate. This reduces the time spent managing data entry in two systems, maximizes profits and improves customer relations.
  • Reduce Errors
    By integrating BoostMySale with your Tally ERP, you will eliminate repetitive employee data entry, remove the risk of costly errors and significantly improve your inventory management process.
  • Save Time
    With BoostMySale seamlessly integrated to your Tally ERP, key data is synchronized 24/7 between both systems. This reduces the time spent managing data entry in two systems, maximizes profits and improves customer relations.
  • Easy Fields Mapping
    Our advanced integration system supports more than 50 Tally ERP fields that can be mapped to your BoostMySale web-store within few clicks. Also you can connect multiple Tally ERP based stores with your BoostMySale web-store.
  • Sales Data at Your Fingertips
    Our integration system synchronizes data both ways and your BoostMySale web-store sales data is updated simultaneously to your Tally ERP 24/7. You can easily generate the web-store sales reports from your Tally ERP.