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Boostmysale Integrated With Sap Advantages

Streamlined Communication

BoostMySale integrated with SAP enables a more streamlined form of communication between each of the various elements that make up the overall ecommerce solution. All information can be communicated seamlessly to SAP, enabling that information to be carried further down the line and for that information to the used to streamline the process of fulfilling orders.

Secured Information

Through BoostMySale integrated with SAP, the company gains the advantage of having all of the relevant information regarding their products and their customer's orders transmitted to the appropriate departments. Thus this information can be shared at customized intervals and there is no risk of information being lost.

Efficient Supply Chain

BoostMySale integrated with SAP makes certain that your ecommerce Business is running at the highest levels of efficiency. The integration simplifies the complex task of businesses having supply chain that involves shipping and handling.

End to End Data Management

At BoostMySale we understand the real-time nature of ecommerce and combine this with SAP Integration to enable our customers to unlock the true potential of their digital business. We help them be innovative in terms of routes to market and highly efficient in terms of order fulfilment, stock management and financial management.



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BoostMySale Synchronization with Sap

Customer Data Syncing

All customer information like account details, contact details, billing & shipping details, etc. will be synchronized to SAP Master Data. Any existing BoostMySale customer details can be downloaded to SAP automatically in real time. A new business account will be created in SAP and uploaded to the BoostMySale storefront with all details.

Product Data Syncing

Existing simple, configurable, grouped and bundled web products can be downloaded to SAP in just one click. If the BoostMySale admin updates any product details, this will instantly be reflected in SAP Business One Item Master Data. Current Inventory Levels associated with SAP items will be picked up at the time of Product Upload and this will be reflected in the storefront.

Online Sales Orders Syncing

All the BoostMySale sales orders placed by the online customer will instantly be converted into SAP Sales Orders. On the other hand, new and existing Sales Orders of SAP will be uploaded to BoostMySale storefront in just a single click. Once Delivery/ A/R Invoice is generated in SAP, BoostMySale user can instantly get the update by viewing the web order status which will be changed to "Shipped" and "Complete".

Migration of Shipping & Delivery Data

Shipping Method selected by the web customer in the storefront can be seen in SAP Sales Order after order synchronization. Similarly shipping charges calculated in the storefront is also available in SAP Sales Order. User can put the shipment tracking no. in SAP in Delivery. This tracking number is available in the storefront in the order details.


Why do you need BoostMySale Sap Integration Solution?

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  • Eliminate Data Discrepancies

    BoostMySale’s SAP integration ensures that freight and tax calculations are executed as transactions are processed, in real time. New products created in BoostMySale will be synced to SAP.

  • Eliminate "Out of Stock" Scenario

    Stocks are synced in real time into BoostMySale inventory which eliminates the chances of coming across "Out of Stock" condition.

  • Eliminate Payment Discrepancies

    On-line payment information (Transaction ID) from BoostMySale downloaded to SAP and Offline payments (Check payment) entered in SAP are updated in BoostMySale.

  • Promote and Increase Sales

    Special Prices or discounts made in SAP will be immediately reflected in your BoostMySale store. Similarly, discounts made in the BoostMySale Store are taken into account in SAP and reflected on the sales order. This tight integration enables to promote and increase sales.

  • Improve Order Fulfilment

    The orders are processed quickly by feeding the BoostMySale order data directly to back office SAP. The order process status will update in BoostMySale in real time.

  • Efficient Shipment

    Contact, billing, and shipping addresses provided by customers in BoostMySale while registering will be synced to SAP. Shipment/delivery status and Shipment Tracking Number generated within SAP is updated in BoostMySale.