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Business to Consumer - B2C Online Ecommerce Store Platform

BoostMySale, one of the best B2C e-commerce solution provider takes your business to another level with rich personalization, powerful automation capabilities and smart data segmentation. We offer a comprehensive solution, designed for a complete B2C web store. The incredible range of services and customizations lowers the cost enormously. BoostMySale’s incredible B2C ecommerce solution ensures state-of-the –art buying experience that maximizes conversion and revenue.


Seamless B2C Web Store Operations Structure

BoostMySale B2C cloud is always working to integrate the latest trends and automatically upgrades to deliver a steady stream of new features and enhancements without disrupting day-to-day B2C retail operations. With conversion being the primary goal, every step is carefully monitored to ensure happy shoppers and even happier sellers!


B2C Online software Platform: Buy Anywhere, Fulfill Anywhere Structure

BoostMySale’s B2C software platform makes it easier to manage orders from multiple ecommerce channels.

Our robust set of customization for each channel – Marketplaces, Web, Mobile, Call Center and Kiosks ensures seamless management.

Our integrated, all in one B2C platform makes it a tool of choice for online business ventures and fulfills one complete ecommerce experience. Our seasoned insight into B2C buyer characteristics is a proven way to optimize the conversion rate. Increase the value of online transactions by rendering a fulfilling shopping experience anytime, anywhere.

Our real-time order processing and inventory tracking system will make your online web store management easier than ever before.


Smooth Ecommerce Order Processing System

BoostMySale’s all-in-one ecommerce platform with flexible set up is tailored to manage online orders from multiple channels. We provide a single unified platform that connects and builds the richest overview for B2C customers. Manage orders from multiple channels such as Marketplaces, Web-Store, Mobile, Call Center and Kiosk— all in one place. An optimized order processing system makes your deliveries smoother, ensuring customer satisfaction. Smooth order processing and integrated shipping enhances the buying experience and is the foundation of a lasting relationship.

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and if we don’t, we’ll create a custom one just for you..

Boost My Sale Enterprise not only helps increase your visibility and sales exponentially but also automates and streamlines your processes to allow you to focus on growing your business.

We takes care of your entire e-commerce ecosystem. Everything from product catalog to structuring your warehouse and shipment. Our innovative technology allows you to push products automatically onto leading marketplaces such as Ebay & Amazon, as well as create your own Facebook store.

All of this from a single window.

360° B2C Ecommerce Customer Service


Intuitive Call Center Service for B2C Customers

Our swift, precise and prompt facilities coupled with unrivaled B2C customer service renders more power to your business with enhanced Omni-channel experience. The B2C call center service integrated with the business intelligence platform offered by BoostMySale tracks and manages inbound customer emails and phone calls. The highly optimized B2C platform delegates the customer requests to the respective service agents to render quick response. Our intelligent solution understands each contact as an individual customer and executes highly personalized and compelling email response. Our seamlessly integrated B2C services revolutionize the user’s experience, reshaping their approach towards online electronic commerce.


Ecommerce Products Returns and Exchanges Structure

When an item is returned or an exchange request is placed by a customer, your call center agents can quickly generate a return or exchange. Augment the relationship with your customer by simplifying and speeding up the entire process. BoostMySale’s intelligent personalization is one of the corner stones of our strong client relationships in the ecommerce industry. We focus on the productivity of your business and our highly optimized services include stock management, reallocation, email notifications, customer’s payment refund, financial reconciliation and B2C customer’s profile updating that are seamlessly managed on our intelligent platform. We ensure complete peace of mind, regardless of requirements with easy returns and exchanges for your ecommerce customers.


B2C Customers Engagement

Boost customer engagement and enhance the impact of your brand with appealing personalization. Our innovative platform automates the entire journey of B2C customers. BoostMySale lets you achieve one-to-one customer communication with minimal effort. B2C social networks and engagement through social media on the internet strengthens the relationship and builds momentum. Use our smart electronic commerce software that permits one-to-one customizations with data segmentation. Connect your store to Facebook for higher visibility and brand engagement.


Deliver Extraordinary B2C Customer Experiences

BoostMySale’s intuitive, state-of-the-art interface offers rich personalization, powerful multi-channel marketing strategy and smart data segmentation that takes your business to another level. Reach your customer where they pay the most attention and render world-class B2C cross channel experience on the internet. Our data-driven platform lets you personalize across every touch point on the website that ensures unparalleled web experience for B2C customers. Optimize customer engagement with smart, targeted marketing and superior service. Smart customizations and flexible integration functionalities enable a single view of all customer interactions and transactions across all touch points. Our personalized cross-channel execution maximizes engagements and we believe every customer experience counts.

Personalized Ecommerce Marketing and Promotions


Ecommerce Marketing Campaigns, Newsletters & Emails System

Our data driven insights and intelligent marketing strategies help in executing sophisticated ecommerce marketing campaigns that work across all channels. Harness the power of ecommerce channels on the BoostMySale platform and capitalize on increased revenue and loyalty of customers. Newsletters for B2C customers are tracked and let you know open, bounced rates and sales made via campaign. Our intelligent marketing solution effortlessly fuels strategies to capture the attention of the customer with compelling email marketing for ecommerce web store. Extend your reach with our smart electronic commerce software.


Ecommerce Analytics of consumer Experience

Automate your marketing efforts with BoostMySale’s advanced ecommerce analytics that provides actionable insights into consumer’s actions. Our intelligent ecommerce platform automates all the data across all sources, from various channels to create a single unified view that will suit your business needs. Our advanced B2C marketing analytics measures the performance of your customer engagement strategy and its impact on your business. With our optimized consumer experience analytics, get real-time analysis, highlighting where to focus attention to optimize the performance of your brand.

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Customized Ecommerce Product Promotions Structure

BoostMySale’s seasoned expertise and promotion management tools for ecommerce store optimizes every single aspect of your marketing efforts, starting from content, practical data, campaign management, multiple ecommerce channels, through to various high-end organizational challenges. Automate abandoned cart responses with an email or a coupon to keep your customers coming back for more and maximize profit. Drive traffic and enhance customer value with promotional products, flexible coupons and promotion management tools.


Customer Segmentation for Ecommerce Portals

Determine and understand your customer through BoostMySale’s intuitive ecommerce software. Gain unique insight into the best B2C customer segmentation strategy for ecommerce campaign optimization.Personalized cross-channel execution and campaign optimization automatically delivers the most relevant and profitable offers to specific ecommerce customers on your web portal. Segment customers based on geography, order size, demographics for targeted campaigns.

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Why choose BoostMySale B2C Ecommerce?

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  • Better B2C Customer Service Standard

    BoostMySale helps in true one-to-one B2C customer communication with nominal effort. No need to worry about your customers as our robust set of tools handle all that for your business and are available at your fingertips. Our intelligent customer service tools enhance value and works as a powerful marketing fuel.

  • Higher level B2C Sales Efficiency

    Use the power of BoostMySale to drive engagements and B2C sales. Our compelling campaign strategy ensures higher sales and maximizes impact to suit your business needs. Our state-of-art web shop lets customer place orders anytime and anywhere with world class service at every step.

  • More Revenue from Ecommerce

    BoostMySale’s seasoned professionals assess and refine the existing processes, implement new ones to deliver the best possible result and maximize online store revenue level. Our highly personalized and compelling strategies takes your brand at the forefront of ecommerce business. We help you to enhance the impact and feel of your brand that will make you stand out from the crowd with staggering profits.

  • In-Store Productivity for business

    Reduce the downtime and accelerate the in-store business productivity. Equip them with specially optimized tools, training and technology that will help your brand to meet a higher level of expectation with a stronger customer base. Be at the forefront of online store business.

  • Built-In Flexibility for Online Store

    BoostMySale offers the best ecommerce flexibility that lets you adopt new features, trends and channels by seamlessly incorporating them into your present strategies as the need arises. Learn the best way to extend your market reach and the best practice that will enhance the value of your online store.

  • Enhance B2C Customer Experience

    Take advantage of our expert support and get peace of mind, as we process requests faster and give best possible resolutions and customer experience. Deliver highly specialized, targeted content, tailored to suit any business type. We focus on optimized content strategies that will capture the attention of B2C customers.