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Partner with us and
earn commissions as high as 25%

You can earn up to 25% of the total billing value by referring and bringing new clients or projects to us. Partner up now!

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Bundle with your existing product and offer higher value addition or enter into a strategic alliance and provide your clients with an award winning product.


Why create an e-commerce site when you can get a ready made e-commerce solution with best in class features at extremely attractive prices.


Automat processes and initiate new marketing channels for your clients with a world class e-commerce system
( B2B & B2C)


Generate a regular stream of extra revenue by referring known people.


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ecommerce solution reseller

Earn High Commissions

ecommerce solution reseller

No Overhead Expenses or Infrastructure Costs

ecommerce solution reseller

Harness the Benefits of
Recurring Income

ecommerce solution reseller

Start Earning almost

ecommerce solution reseller

Become part of a Highly
Experienced and Winning Team

ecommerce solution reseller

Marketing Experts will
help you Close Deals

ecommerce solution reseller

Target Customeres Globally
and from any Industry

ecommerce solution reseller

Get an Edge with our Diversified
and Impressive Portfolio

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Q: Who can be a partner / Agent of Boost My Sale?

Any concern/corporate or individual is eligible to become Partner / Agent of BoostMySale.

Q: What is the role of a Partner / Agent?

The primarily role of a Partner/Agent is to effectively market and sell maximum possible licenses/plans of BoostMySale. You can directly close the order with our guidance or refer the interested client to us for doing the needful. Also as and when required a partner/agent shall provide regular market feedback as well as act as a mediator to ensure best possible communication from clients to us and vice versa.

Q: What will be a Partner/Agent's commission/earning?

The commission/earnings of a Partner/Agent of BoostMySale can be as high as 25%. We have various different plans (which will be shared post the initial discussions) based on which the commission amount is structured. There is virtually no capital expenditure required to be made by the partner/agent and we also assist by sharing our marketing collateral as well as training the partner/agent on our product to make them familiar with the same. Our aim is to build up a long lasting relationship with our Partners/Agents and we put our best possible efforts to ensure the same.

Q: How does one become a Partner/Agent?

You just need to follow the following 2 simple steps: (Step 1) Simply scroll up on this page and click on the button 'Start Earning'. (Step 2) Fill in the details and click “Submit”. That’s it ! The form will be received by our team and they will very shortly contact you to take care of the rest.

Q: When can a Partner/Agent start earning commission?

After initial discussions and agreement of our terms the Partner/Agent will need to sign a standard partnership agreement to become one. Subsequently one is ready to sell BoostMySale and start earning commission.

Q: When will commission payments be made to the Partner/Agent?

Commission payments are made on a monthly basis (we follow a month to month billing cycle). Commission is paid in the first week of the following month, based on the total amount of commission earned during the preceding month. Please note the commissions are only valid on contracts being properly executed as per the stipulated terms.

Q: What support can the Partner/Agent get?

We not only assist by sharing our marketing collateral and training the partner/agent on BoostMySale to make them familiar with the same but also regularly promote and market BoostMySale in leading fairs/expos (both the domestic and international markets) as well as on various medias. We also keep having regular discussions and meetings with our Partners/Agents on phone/skype to discuss their challenges and issues as well as answer queries (if any). Our support team is regularly available to help the Partner/Agent with product demos, answer queries or any sort of technical help as and when required. At every stage, from entering into a partnership with us to bringing in projects, our team of experts will be there.

Q: How will one benefit from partnering with BoostMySale? Why BoostMySale?

BoostMySale is a revolutionary new age product with immense prospects as it not only addressing the e-commerce market currently valued at 14 trillion USD but also showing a phenomenal yearly growth rate of 14%. It is an extremely exhaustive product with certain unique and comprehensive features that gives its users an edge over others. Thus partnering with BoostMySale opens up the opportunity to address a global and growing market of the future, earn a stable and regular flow of commission and even nurture one's entrepreneurial skills. When you associate with BoostMySale you become a partner of winning product.

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